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traditional ceremonies for the modern couple

Christos placing wedding ring on Meghan's finger

your love story


is why you’re here

So why settle for anything less than extraordinary?

My approach is traditional but not formal. I take the structure of something we’ve all seen before but I write it from scratch which means I can create a totally unique, beautifully personal piece that is both romantic and funny, but above all else, ‘so you’.

We felt like we’d known her for years, right from the start she made us feel so comfortable. People still talk about the wonderful ceremony we had and how amazing Olivia was.


and I can’t wait to marry you!

I’m a realist romantic that turns the ceremony from the ‘bit before the free drink’ to the best part of the whole day.

lovely words

from lovely people


what’s it all about then?

A Celebrant is a fabulous human being who has the unique ability to get to know people really well in a short amount of time and then put pen to paper to create the most magnificent totally personalised ceremony to commemorate your special occasion. Not to be confused with Celibate.

At present (2023) an Independent Celebrant cannot perform a legally binding ceremony within the UK. But, my ceremonies not being legal does not take away any kind of significance, importance or romance. 

The majority of my couples will visit their local Registry Office a few days before their wedding day and have the simplest of ceremonies that can take as long as 15 minutes and cost as little as £50. 

If you want your Celebrant ceremony to look legal I can happily write some nonsense on a piece of paper so you can ‘sign’ it which does mean a natural interlude for some music and an excuse for ‘that photo’.

I’m going to tell you what I tell my husband every Christmas/Birthday/Valentine/Tuesday, ‘you cannot put a price on happiness.’

I am now going to pretend you are giving me the same face he would and tell you that my fees start at £395 for a Naming Ceremony and £995 for a Wedding Ceremony.

Home is just outside of Bath in the South of the UK but I am more than happy to travel to the far ends of the earth for love, and money.

Absolutely not! One of the best things about having a Celebrant led ceremony is that you can get married anywhere, whether that be in an unlicensed venue, your own home, or the local park. Pick the place that is perfect for you and I will rock up for the I Do.

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